One dog, plus you, can make
a difference for HIV+ Teens


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Shot by famed photographer inkedKenny, Dogs & Daddies is a 80-page, full -color photography book capturing poignant and powerful images of men and their canine companions. Proceeds from the sale of Dogs & Daddies support HIV+ youth through the charitable mission of Fred Says.
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How It Works

How does Fred Says help HIV Positive teens? Every dollar makes a difference.


Your Contribution

+ Their Contribution

= 1 Positive Impact


How It Started

Where did the idea for Fred Says come from?


Fred Says financially supports HIV+ teens healthcare, and provides a venue where $1 makes a difference. Fred says was founded by Dr. Rob Garofalo. Watch the video or visit our about page to learn more!


You can help

We still have a lot of work to do,
and we need the help of people like you

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