About Dogs & Daddies

Shot by famed photographer inkedKenny, Dogs & Daddies is a 80-page, full-color photography book capturing poignant and powerful images of men and their canine companions. Proceeds from the sale of Dogs & Daddies support HIV+ youth through the charitable mission of Fred Says.

Dogs & Daddies was a challenge for inkedKenny as it was his first portrait series, but due to being a lover of animals himself, he was able to accomplish such a large feat. He had also been looking for a way to give back to the community and help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic through his work due to losing numerous friends and witnessing firsthand the extensive damage this disease has done to the LGBTQ community.

And it’s through this shared mission of fighting this virus that inkedKenny and Dr. Robert Garofalo, founder of Fred Says, came together to bring Dogs & Daddies to light.


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Meet The Author

inkedKenny’s work has been featured in numerous coffee-table books and magazines around the world, and his life has been documented in three short films. His photography has been exhibited in Sydney, New York, Montreal, Chicago, San Francisco, Ottawa, and Toronto. His first solo coffee-table book, “The Men of inkedKenny”, was released in 2014. inkedKenny is known for his moody, bruised-looking images that explore every shade of black from aggressive to submissive. He is able to push his models into exploring their deep, sometimes risky, desires by exploring their fantasies before a shoot. DOGS&DADDIES allows inkedKenny to explore a softer point of view of the The MEN of the inkedKenny Collective.