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These Norwegian Dog Owners Drove Through 8 Countries to Save Their Dog’s Life

Picture: PA/Highcroft Veterinary Group

Picture: PA/Highcroft Veterinary Group

The Internet is flooded with incredible, moving stories about dogs who’ve run into burning buildings and gone to similar lengths to save the lives of their owners. In a recent story, Cathrine Sørlie and Nils Christian Nordahl of Norway did the same in return for their dog.

The Norwegian couple made the trip from Oslo to Bristol so their dog, Pelle, could receive a life-saving operation for an intrahepatic portosystemic liver shunt. The condition, diagnosed when Pelle was just three months old, occurs when a blood vessel within the liver diverts the blood flow incorrectly.

The procedure needed to correct the condition, though not invasive, requires intricate tools that no veterinarians in Norway had access to. Deemed inoperable, the couple’s only option was to manage Pelle’s condition before ultimately having him euthanized.

But Cathrine and Nils weren’t going to give up that easily. So they did what any parent would do — they fought to track down someone who would perform the surgery.

After encountering a series of dead ends, they found Kieran Borgeat of Highcroft Veterinary Referrals in Bristol, who agreed to perform the operation.

To get there, the dog owners drove 2,400-miles (roundtrip), passing through eight countries — Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France — to bring Pelle to Dr. Borgeat’s practice, where he would undergo the surgery.

The surgery went smoothly, and after a four-day hospital stay, Pelle returned to Norway safe and sound.